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We are a Full-Service Janitorial and Maintenance Supplier located in Knox, Indiana. We at Kem-Co offer many years of experience in the janitorial and maintenance industry. We take pride in building successful relationships with our customers. Service, performance and value are among our primary goals. We are continually striving to improve quality, as well as provide better service by adding new and improved products to our line. Our success is measured to the extent we achieve the goals of meeting your individual needs and building a successful relationship through your satisfaction. No matter how large or small your needs may be, Kem-Co is your answer. We're your "One Stop" janitorial and maintenance supplier and we're anxiously awaiting the opportunity to serve you! For a little more history on Kem-Co, click "About Us".

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Phone: 800-552-2975
Fax: 800-714-8373
Email: shannon.ryan@kem-co.com